Steam Machines

Sally the Steamer tackles light to medium projects, similar to jobs found in a home. Research before purchasing a steamer is essential because if you don’t buy right, your investment could turn you off steam cleaning. Suppose you understand the importance of cleaning and would like to use cleaning time wisely. In that case, steam cleaning can complete many household cleaning routines without chemicals, sterilizing as you clean, and in half the time. You will be amazed at all the areas that can withstand steam cleaning.

Use Sally’s powerful blast of steam on your carpets to kill dust mites, bed bugs, and allergens, and because it dries within minutes, you can do steam clean your carpets when the urge captures you.

Refresh your home with steam cleaning, the best natural cleaning solution. Buying a capable steam machine is a game-changer and should be used repeatedly.

Attachments for several applications are available depending on the duty at hand. A great tool is the oven cleaning tool; reach tuff areas deep in the cavity and instantly begin cleaning an oven with a fresh blast of hot steam over toxic chemicals. Oven cleaning will turn burnt spills into puddles; try doing that without harsh chemicals or deep scrubbing. Don’t stop at the oven; continue cleaning the kitchen, around taps, glass top cooker, microwave, door handles, sterilize your counter, and give your drains a heat blast to help prevent clogs.

The most effective place to use a high-temperature steam machine is in shower cleaning for many reasons; for example, mould spores cannot take the high temperature of steam. Using a steam machine in a shower will not only take care of mould, mildew, and soap scum, it cleans the calcium from the glass very quickly. Shower cleaning is easier, so it gets completed more often; everyone in the family can steam the shower after cleaning themselves. Now that’s love.

We provide training with every unit we sell. Please call our office for additional information.

Sally’s Description

Sally The Steamer is small but she can easily tackle any job you have with her powerful steam output bundled with unique accessories make this powder coated metal construction steam cleaner the best batch system available on the market.

Adjustable steam pressure control so you can adjust steam to duty, when you require a deeper clean, or more steam to cleanout deep windowsills. Included are a number of extension pieces so you can easily cleaning walls without a ladder. Additional brushes rectangular and triangle brushes with towel clips to be used on furniture, flooring, and pillows. Store all accessories for your system in a professional bag and tuck away for her next use. Refill the unit with water and in minutes you can tackle a room without using multiple smelly cleaning products, natural cleaning is possible and effective.

It is ideal for light duty applications found in a home or for contract work. You can use this machine for pest control, auto detailing, contract cleaning and more.

Fully certified for use in Canada, with repair service available on this system make it the perfect steamer for you!

Price: $899.00

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