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Can I Prevent Or Minimize My Shower Molds?

This is the number one question I have been asked over the past 13 years. Can I prevent or minimize the molds in my shower? Yes, of course, you can! The problem is Johnny has hockey practice, Elsa is at music lessons and you are going to your moms’ cabin for the weekend. Who has time to take shower cleaning seriously? After all, we shower in it! It’s must be a clean environment, right? That’s what most people think.


It's actually very easy to keep a shower
from accumulating shower mold.


Bathrooms are prone to mold because of the water, humidity, steam and over time grime appears. So, how can a person help a bathroom to minimize or prevent mold from occurring?


Shower tile cleaning before and after


Get into the habit of these 3 things and you never need to call My Clean Grout for a shower cleaning.


Great habits have long term outcomes, I say.


  1. Squeegee all possible areas after your shower.
  2. Then BEFORE you get out of the shower dry the shower walls AND floor. Do this after every shower
  3. Even though you did a great job everyday squeegeeing everything, then drying the walls AND floor, we have one more request. You still need to deep clean your shower every week. It may seem like a chore for most, but I assure you if you knew what was left behind after every shower, you would have a new habit starting tomorrow.


Think about your shower.
How often and who uses it?
Do you think it's a clean space?


Think of these questions during your shower, do you share your shower, if so who showered before you? Do you use your fan for the humidity control? Is your grout sealed? Do you see soap building up on the walls and floor? When was the last time you gave your shower a DEEP clean?


Because you can't get clean in a dirty shower.

Shower cleaning before and after


But if you do need to call My Clean Grout, we are here to help!

Like I’ve already mentioned, I completely understand a lot of different situations for today's day and age. I have spoken with many of my clients about scheduling and we beautiful Edmontonians love to be busy! I am amazed at how many families function with such schedules. I personally want to thank families that do so much for their kids, you are contributing to the next generation. Thank you for raising great people!


What to expect when booking My Clean Grout.

I always get asked over the phone, so how much for a deep clean, replace caulking and seal my shower? My best answer is I need to see your shower in order to offer any comments.

Before I can provide a quote I collect information like,

  1. How’s your caulking – is it lose, missing or discolored?
  2. How’s your grout’s color? Has your grout’s colored changed over time?
  3. Do you have soap scum?
  4. And the most important question of them all, how much effort to make your sanctuary look great again.

These are questions I am asking myself when I’m looking at your shower prior to providing a quote to you. So, I need to see your shower and have a conversation with you, so I offer a FREE consultation!

Yes, a company that still goes out for face-to-face sales calls. Why? I like to see and talk to people I am working for and two other reasons I provide a free consultation.

I prefer to come and see your project. Do you recall Edmonton in the mid-2000s? It was about 2005 to 2007 when the real-estate market was booming! Around that time my friends’ mom hired a roofing company over the phone. Yup, over the phone this roofer gets hired. Today they still wonder which shingle was put on her roof was it the 15-year or the 25-year shingle.

They never saw any paperwork, never knew if the company had WCB or even if they were insured or bonded? That was Edmonton in 2007 plenty of work and not enough skilled installers for anything and prices were inflated. I guess we can all say we heard a story like this one. So, I prefer to review the project and you get to see a real person.


After My Clean Grout cleans your shower
we provide after care tips!


And lastly, and the most exciting part I get to come and meet you and learn about your project. I like to listen as you explain your concerns, we can assess your project together and review the outcome and the achievable expectations.

I'm interested in your cleaning habits, your overall project, and your expectations. After the project has been completed I provide you with shower cleaning tips to help your shower stay the cleanest.  

Shower grout cleaning before and after

How to book a FREE consultation with
My Clean Grout

  1. Call 780-417-9080 or email info@mycleangrout.com
  2. We schedule a convenient time to look at your project.
  3. Together, we discuss possible outcomes and what can be realistically achieved.
  4. You book your deep cleaning on a day that works for you.
  5. After you are amazied at the difference, you tell your friends.

It's that simple!


My Clean Grout helps you lose
the dirty shower blues.

Shower tile cleaning before and after

Call 780-417-9080 or email info@mycleangrout.com 


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