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Stone and ceramic tile floors are in ever increasing demand as attractive and durable elements in new homes and renovation projects. People are drawn to the natural beauty and high quality of these long-wearing tiles.

Yes, your stone or ceramic tile floor can endure for a lifetime. But it will only maintain its true beauty if you provide the care and cleaning it needs. Maintaining normal grout surfaces is not easy. Grout is a sponge for oil, food or beverage stains, and it becomes difficult to clean. Proper treatment and sealing will lead to easier maintenance, protecting your floors, and ultimately adding value to your home.

That is where the special products, training, and equipment of Enviro Clean Grout and Stone Care Inc. can help. The locally owned and operated company was started in 2007 by Sue Ostrowski who had been working in the field of renovations and had noticed a need for this specialty service.

Enviro Clean has become recognized as the #1 choice for worry-free grout and stone restoration. They are confident that homeowners will be happy and satisfied when the job is completed.


"Our customers are always impressed and surprised
when they see the big difference in their floors." says Elsa.


Deep Grout Cleaning is an My Clean Grout Essential Service

My Clean Grout starts by deep-cleaning the grout to remove impurities, dirt and grime; this prepares the surface for our treatment - our two-in-one product is a colour with a long-term sealer. Families have shared stories of making grout cleaning an annual priority. They may spend up to $80 or $90 for a gallon on a variety of chemicals, use lots of elbow grease and most of a weekend is wasted; usually, it looks fantastic for only a month or so. People want to spend time with their families, camping or golfing, not cleaning grout.


My Clean Grout deep cleans tile floors


My Clean Grout's Experience Makes the Difference in Stone Restoration

A very important part of the tile business and one that is growing by leaps and bounds is the installation of stone. It is not just new homes that boast marble, travertine or limestone; it is becoming very common. Many renovation projects are adding stone floors and showers as glamorous and elegant upgrades. Homeowners with stone floors often believe that stone just needs cleaning, but it really needs additional care, and may need to be restored because of etches and scratches in the natural surface. Enviro Clean uses a number of restoration techniques to remove imperfections and restores the surface to a honed or polished finish.

Remediation of expensive granite, marble, travertine and limestone or other stone features is where My Clean's professional-grade products, extensive training and modern equipment really shine. Our unique formulas and procedures are specifically designed to restore the hone or polish of expensive stone floors, counters or showers.

Marble and other stone needs the know-how of My Clean Grout professional grout cleaning services.

My Clean Grout's Seal Treatment

My Clean Grout's treatment provides uniform grout colour with the additional bonus of a remarkable seal. No smell, no dust and no mess, you can walk on your floor in a few hours and it lasts for many years. Many clients don't even realize that the grout can be dyed. If your grout colour looks blotchy or uneven or if the colour shade is incorrect, it's not a problem - you can select from over 200 colours.

Benefit from the correct colour with uniformity. Newly installed floors may not have been sealed. Applying this type of treatment prior to moving in provides easier maintenance, years of great looking tile floors and maintains the value of your home.


Enviro Clean protects and restores grout to it's original beauty

My Clean Grout - Professional Grout Preparation for a Stunning Result

My Clean Grout's deep cleaning process prepares the grout for a colour seal. Our grout colour seal restores the "new look" and protects your grout against everyday dirt, spills and staining.

Restore ceramic tile or stone floors rather than replace.

My Clean Grout - For A Job Well Done

Even in a newer home, where the installer's cleanup procedures may have been lacking, a haze will be left on the marble or stone. Some tile stores hire us to clean up and finish the floors so there's a real 'wow' impact when the homeowner walks through the door.

My Clean Grout takes pride in a job well done, and leaving the homeowner with floors they can be proud of. We will also leave behind some guidance in maintaining that newly restored luster to keep your floors looking great for countless years. With a solid reputation established on a foundation of quality workmanship, and using technologically advanced products, Enviro Clean Grout and Stone Care Inc. has grown steadily over the past five years through customer referrals and word-of-mouth advertising. Contact us for more information.


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