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Marble is meant to be vibrant, and there is no better way to showcase your marble and get the most out of your investment than having it professionally polished. Years of foot traffic can dull out the colors and erode the natural shine of the marble, but marble can be restored to a beautiful shine. My Clean Grout will polish or hone your precious investment so you can fall in love with your marble surface again.

We specialize in restoring and care of marble. we will bring back the stones' true color and beauty through marble cleaning, marble polishing, and marble repairs. We have restored many marble surfaces to amazing conditions all over Edmonton and the surrounding area. We are certified to work on all types of marble surfaces, whether its a floor, counter or a shower.

With over 12 years of experience, you can have confidence in our work and our work ethic, we will always communicate and work with our customer to achieve spectacular results. Our passion for our craft makes all the difference in the world and is apparent in all the marble we work on.


Over 12 years of stone polishing and honing experience.
Certified, bonded and insured.


Marble flooring tiles come in two basic finishes:

Polished Marble

Polished marble is finished to a high sheen that shows off the beauty and grain of the stone. However, the finish can be slick and slippery, especially when wet. One strategy is to make liberal use of area rugs to protect from slipping. A Marble Maintenance Program is suggested to keep polished marble looking consistently at there best.

Honed Marble 

 A honed finish has mild reflectivity with a very clean velvety appearance. The stones smooth surface will have a little reflection of light. A honed finish is flatter and will almost always appear lighter in color. When a polished stone is honed, the depth, hues, and veins that were once very prevalent may be reduced. The degree of honing depends on the stone but may vary from light to heavy.


Our honing process leaves your floor looking like velvet!


Unfortunately, marble also has a well-deserved reputation for staining. Orange juice, harsh cleaners, and any acidic substances should be dabbed immediately. Some homeowners report that even water causes staining. The best way to live with marble flooring is to assume that, over time, the floors will develop a unique patina.


The use of natural stone* continues to increase in popularity. In-office buildings, churches, hotels and homes, it adds subtle elegance, beauty, and tranquility. My Clean Grout has found many instances where natural stone has been installed with little information given to care. Our goal is to utilize products and restoration methods that will return the stone to its natural beauty.


Marble restoration is a My Clean Grout Strength


*Natural stone includes:



Marble, Travertine and Limestone Restoration from My Clean Grout

Marble, travertine, and limestone are a beautiful investment and require special maintenance. Over time, stone tiles become flawed with scratches, etch marks, or the polish fades. Just like carpet and hardwood floors, a professional needs to be called to rejuvenate the floor.

"My Clean Grout specializes in natural stone restoration."


We use a wet, non-chemical grinding method to remove lippage, scratches and etch marks. Depending on the floor, the final step may include a seal or polish.


"My Clean Grout is committed to ongoing training,
incorporating advanced tooling systems and reviewing best
techniques and practices for the best results possible."


After Floor Care from My Clean Grout

A regular maintenance schedule will prolong the natural beauty and appearance of the stone. It is important to regularly remove dust with a microfiber cloth, especially for polished floors, to remove abrasive substances such as dirt, grit, and sand brought in from the outdoors. For day-to-day cleaning, use our neutral pH product with water to clean the floor's surface. Look at our after floor-care cleaner.


We don not use products that can
damage a floor like waxes or crystallization.


Cleaning Expertise: Our Stone Training Certificates

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