How To Clean Limestone

Limestone has been used in architecture for thousands of years. With its durability and beauty, limestone makes an excellent addition to any home decor. Without proper care, though, your limestone can become etched and stained. To keep your kitchen, bath, and floors looking like new, learn how to clean limestone properly.

About limestone

Limestone is a sedimentary rock that’s composed mostly of the mineralized skeletal remains of marine organisms. In its purest form limestone is either white or off-white, but impurities such as sand, clay, and iron oxide will color limestone shades of grey, cream, even blue and green.

Because of its mineral makeup, limestone is highly reactive to acids. Many household substances, including food condiments, wine, and orange juice will cause permanent damage to your limestone. Also, since it is a natural stone limestone is porous, meaning it will absorb liquids and could  become stained. This is why it is extremely important that your limestone be sealed when it is installed.

Since limestone is partially soluble, especially in acid, avoid cleaners that contain vinegar, orange, or lemon products. The acids in these products will  infiltrate the surface of your limestone, causing it to etch and blur. It and will also eat away at the grout used to hold your limestone in place. Also avoid harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia that can destroy your limestone sealer and harm your stone. We suggest our neutral PH daily cleaner Green Clean.

So, how do you clean limestone?

Limestone should always be cleaned with a specially formulated natural stone cleaner such as Green Clean. This pH neutral, non toxic cleaner is safe for use on limestone, food preparation surfaces, and around children and pets.

To clean your limestone properly simply wipe up any dirt or food particles with a microfiber cloth. Next spray your surface with the appropriate Green Clean cleaning product (Green Clean for limestone floors). Then simply wipe clean and buff to a lustrous finish.



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