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Grout repair is a specialized service which corrects grout voids. Many times, small areas of damage occur due to impact or a poor grout application or mixture. If you have chips, cracks, or missing grout in a concentrated area, My Clean Grout will recommend grout repair.

We can repair or replace any damage you’re encountering. Joints and angles designed to allow for naturally-occurring expansion and contraction are repaired with grout to hold the tiles in place. Keeping the wall and floor tiles looking good is an important job. Grout damage affects not just the appearance of your kitchen and bathroom; it can also allow water to seep into the wall or flooring beneath. If you have spotted a damaged tile, you might consider grout replacement as part of the repairs. Removing a tile is difficult unless you have the right expertise, so why not call a professional?

We repair damaged, cracked, and missing grout. Our process leaves you with perfect, invisible, carefree grout lines permanently.

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