Frequently Asked Stone, Grout and Tile Questions

Q Should I seal my floor?

A When considering whether a particular grout would benefit from sealing, what we are really doing is considering how easy that grout will be to keep clean and free of stains... <a href="/why_seal">more_about_Why_Seal?</a>

Q Is there a difference between a clear sealer and a colour sealer?

A When you use a clear sealer, what you see is what you get. If your grout has dark areas and then light areas, you will still have the colour variation in your grout when you use a clear sealer. If you want your grout to actually be "Stain Proof" you will need to have your grout color sealed... <a href="/colour">more_about_Clear_VS_Colour</a>

Q How do I care for my tile and grout

A Cleaning a grout surface isn't easy. The biggest problem we all face with a grout surface is 'protection' or 'repellency'. Most grout surfaces have not been properly sealed... <a href="/tile">more_about_Tile_&amp;_Grout_Care</a>

Q How do I care for my marble floor?

A Marble, travertine and limestone are a beautiful investment and require special maintenance. Over time stone tiles become flawed with scratches, etch marks, or the polish fades. Just like carpet and hardwood floors, a professional needs to be called to rejuvenate the floor... <a href="/marble">more_about_Marble_Care</a>

Q How do I care for my granite counter top or floor?

A Granite can be a semi-porous material, and a sealer is suggested for these granite types. Unsealed granite can absorb water or grease, creating permanent stains... <a href="/granite">more_about_Granite_Care</a>


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