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Enviro Clean is an Edmonton-based stone tile restoration company and grout sealing company.


"It looks like new again!"
"The ladies from Enviro Clean did a fantastic job bringing my ceramic tile back to life. It looks like new again!"

~ J. T. (Sherwood park, Alberta)
"You saved us thousands in replacement costs."
"After our staff cleaning crew botched our stonework, it was a relief to have Enviro Clean come in and return our feature wall back to its original condition. You saved us thousands in replacement costs."

~ F. B. (Edmonton, Alberta)
"Thanks, Enviro Clean!"
"The staff from Enviro Clean were friendly, thorough and left our floor looking fantastic. Thanks, Enviro Clean!"

~ M. K. (Leduc, Alberta)

This is a thank you letter to the owner of Enviro Clean. Because of the age of my house and the worn out looking kitchen and bathroom floors I thought perhaps they should be replaced. Fortunately, I called Enviro Clean and after the one day, I feel like I have a new house. Their tile and grout cleaning has made the start of this new year so much easier. I am happy, their cleaning and color sealing process was a straight forward and my goodness what a difference it’s made. My floors look fantastic, I was informed on how to take care of my floors after the transformation and I am no longer embarressed by the condition of my floors!! Thank you for such a great experience!

Kitchen Floor Grout Cleaning & Sealing Our kitchen had been renovated by the previous owners who'd never sealed the grout. Not only was the grout stained, the tile floor was so dirty and beyond anything I seemed to be able to clean. I was completely out of ideas on how to clean it....full strength cleaners and specialized tile/grout cleaners/strippers weren't doing the trick and I was ready to resort to bleach. That's when I came across an old ad I'd saved from a neighborhood newspaper for Enviro Clean Grout & Stone Care, and I'm so glad I did. Sue came to take a look and gave me an estimate; we chose the grout color sealant and we made a date. I was THRILLED when I saw all the residue from dirt buildup including sweaty sock feet yuck just lifting away from the tile and the grout. Sealing the grout went just as smoothly and the stains have never leached through. That was 4 1/2 yrs ago....June, 2015. I've always and ONLY ever used the product Sue sold me afterward to wash the floor - Green Clean. Thx for saving my sanity, Sue, and everyone wears slippers now on that floor, btw. :) Connie

Kitchen powder room and back entrance grout cleaning. The grout had not been cleaned in 14 years The result is excellent and the process was very user friendly. The company is knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with.

December 2019 Grout cleaning/colouring/sealing Our grout hadn’t been properly cleaned in the 12 years we’ve lived in our house. It was so stained, and now it looks brand new! Or better! It’s like magic! Sue and Zoe worked very efficiently and I’m so impressed. I can’t stop looking at my floor. I love it! Thank you so much, Sue!

Tile grout cleaning and color sealing. I was blown away by the 'like new' end result. We did a major renovation and moved back in 2 years ago. Since that day I regretted the color choice I made for my en suite bathroom tile. I went against the tile setter and interior design recommendations because I thought I knew better and have been living with the disappointment since. I didn't realize how much of a role the color of those tiny grout lines could make until Enviro Clean Grout and Stone Care completely changed the color of my grout using a custom color seal. I could not be happier with the professional service and end result but most of all I'm grateful for the whole new love I have for my home. I didn't realize that most home builder/renovators do not seal grout after setting tile and only found out much to my disappointment after I started seeing staining of my grout, particularly in the high traffic areas. I would recommend this service to anyone that is just finished a new build/renovation and for those that need a little refresh after years of natural wear and tear. Having my grout cleaned and color sealed has truly revitalized my home. Thanks Sue!!

Kitchen Tile restoration Our tiles in the kitchen were approximately 15 years old and showing it. Sue and Zoie came in on 4 Oct. to do the task, they were on time and very professional. We would like to thank them for the fantastic job they did, restoring the look of our kitchen tiles and colouring the grout in the master bathroom. Sue gave us tips on how to keep the kitchen floor looking great and clean. We highly recommend them!!! John and Judy Edmonton

Deep cleaning of tile and grout; colour sealing of grout Our tile had ground-in dirt and the grout was stained a dark unattractive colour from 20 years of use. No matter how hard I cleaned, the floor never looked good. It was very depressing. Enviro Clean has changed my life! They did an outstanding job! The tiles are now extremely clean and the grout is back to its original colour. This took only three and a half hours. The team was extremely professional and thorough. The floor was safe for my cats to walk on right away. I was also able to purchase a product that will help keep the floor looking beautiful, as well as given a detailed explanation of how to use it. I could not have asked for a better experience or a better result. We highly recommend Enviro Clean Grout and Stone Care Inc. PS I can’t stop looking at my tile!

Kitchen grout I didn’t think it possible but these hard working people worked magic on our grout. Back to brand new in a couple of hours. Wow!!!

Grout sealing I heard about this company from a girlfriend that sells flooring. This company is fantastic; great result (not entirely visible in photos), considerate, expert advice on what areas needed the treatment. —they were incredibly easy to deal with and we would recommend this company without hesitation. They understand service, they are experts in what they are doing, and were easy to deal with. I am grateful for the recommendation and for their work and work ethic.

Tile/grout cleaning and repair The job done was impeccable! And very quick and efficient. The difference is like night and day!

Kitchen tile grout cleaning and re-color and seal I wish I could remember the two ladies names who came and did the work, but they did a fantastic job. They cleaned and sealed and re-colored the grout. They were very pleasant and gave tips on maintaining the grout. I was very satisfied with how quickly they worked and the end result was great.

Kitchen, dining and bathroom floor cleaning and grout repair; bathroom wall tile cleaning and grout colour. Tile work was about 25-30 years old; grout cracked in a few places and floor tiles had places that never quite came clean with regular floor wash. The ladies did a great job of making floors look clean and the grout colour really helps to make the space look new again.

Deep clean stone floor and grout. Grout sealer Ladies did a fantastic job! Our beautiful stone floors look brand new. Those grout lines went from filthy to fab!!

Tile and Grout Cleaning What a difference today in my tiles throughout the house - front hall, laundry room, kitchen and 3 bathrooms! From dull to fabulous in hours! We received an estimate of costs so we knew what the service would entail. The staff were very professional and efficient in their work. I would highly recommend Enviro Clean for anyone wishing to refresh their tired tile floors to bring them back to looking like new.

Complete tile/grout clean and reseal (approx 1300 sq ft) Sue and Zoe came in and redid all of our tile - by hand !! They were done in 2 days and the tile looks brand new - not the 10 years old it is. Sue also explained how to maintain it as well. Very professional and quick.

Clean and reseal tiles and grout in condo I am very impressed with the results, the tiles are 14yrs old and now they look new again! Thanks Sue!

Tile Grout Cleaning and Sealing The tile flooring at both entrances, the kitchen and en suite has light coloured grout. Over the years the grout has become stained, primarily in the high traffic areas, and extremely difficult to clean. Even with a thorough cleaning a constant and continuous colour could no longer be achieved. Sue and her colleague from Enviro Clean completed the cleaning and sealing and the results were very impressive! With proper care the sealing should last a long time. We would highly recommend Enviro Clean for a professional and thorough job.

Tile cleaning Fast and efficient. Clean and careful. Polite and personable. Great results, what more could you want?

Clean Tile Grout Sue Had Lots Of Energy And Enthusiasm When She Arrived. The Grout Color ThroughOut Our House Looks Great. The Granite Counter Tops Are More Shiny Now, And Knowing Their Sealed Is A Good Feeling.

Clean and rejuvenate Marble floor We had a sizable area of Marble flooring that after considerable consultation we had concluded the only solution was replacement. On the internet i found a process from italy that i thought was worth a try we then realized a Sherwood Park company was using this process. Enviro Clean Grout & Stone Care Sue made a quick trip to Lloydminster, to look at the job and felt confident she could return it to new and Believe me she did it was quick and efficient, on time and on Budget. we are involved in residential and commercial development and certainly would use her again She could make a well used Hotel Lobby look like opening day. I should add she is one of the most enjoyable trades you could have on a job site

Grout cleaning The grout looks so much better! Almost like brand new. Was done quickly and professionally.

Home Renovation Our flooring installer (ProSource Edmonton) installed the wrong grout color: completely their error. The project did not turn out as we had planned, and I was very upset and angry. I was also the biggest skeptic when they recommended Susan at Enviro-Clean to "paint" the grout to change its color. Susan was very patient and helpful. She made sure our color choice was the right one, and proceeded to correct the grout color. The work was quick, clean, and turned out really great. We are very happy with the transformation of the flooring project! It looks so much better. We like the blended darker grout color, and so far the color is holding up. Susan left us with some colorant for touch-ups. She said her labour is warrantied for two years and the product is warrantied for 15 years. Susan has assured us that its durability is "better" than the original grout (presealed Mapei CQ Flex-Color). Only time will tell.

Clean and seal grout on approximately 800 square Feet of ceramic tile and replace one that was cracked. They came when they said they would and did a thorough and complete job of cleaning and color grouting our tile flours as well as replacing a cracked tile. It is a hard to get someone to replace one tile at a fair price and was willing and able to do this for us. She did such a good job can't tell which tile was replaced now.

Kitchen, main bath, second floor besuited bathroom and second floor bathroom. Enviro Clean did a great job. Showed up on time and took care of our grout issues on our main floor and in our bathrooms. The floors look like new! We even had them refresh our granite countertops while.

Night and day difference our floors look brand new!!! So happy :) They did my hallway, all 6 bathrooms and a huge walk in shower. We have white grout so it was all stained and yellow/brown. Now its like new. I would recommend Enviro Clean to everyone.

Ceramic tile grout cleaning These gals were fast and efficient. They made flooring look new again. They seemed like a happy bunch Lots of chitty chat and laughter

Grout clean and seal Expertly done, clean fast and no dust no smell. Sue is very personable and helpful with little tips. I am very happy with the work.

Bathroom floor tile and shower stall We contacted Sue to provide a quote and hired her company to deep clean tile/grout and then colour seal our bathroom floor and shower stall. We could not be more pleased with the results. Our floors look brand new as does the shower stall. We have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Sue and Enviro Clean.

Tile and grout restoration Second time customer. This time the tile magic was worked on an apartment after renters had moved out leaving the tile and grout dirty and damaged. It now looks like a new floor - just wish I’d taken before and after photos!

Limestone floor cleaning, honing and seal. I am a repeat customer so I think that says a lot about my trust in the Enviroclean service. My floors look amazing and are so soft to the touch. When the light shines into our home it has a beautiful sheen. Its nice to have new floor again that look like the day we bought this home! Highly recommend!

For grout repair..”the only game I town” I contacted Sue, the owner, for information regarding my marble tile floor. She asked me a few questions and then suggested she come, at my convenience, and have a look at my floor. Well, once I met her and listened to her explain what was needed to bring my floor back to it’s original state, she had the job. Her workmanship, knowledge and reliability are second to none and I am completely satisfied with the finished project. I would recommend this company unconditionally to anyone wanting their grout sealed again.

Floor Tile Cleaning Very pleased with how it turned out. Our grout lines had gone black... and now they are like it was when we bought the house 20 years ago.

Grout and tile cleaning and natural stone restoration We had two projects: one was cleaning tile grout on our kitchen, laundry room and front entry floors. The floors are not that old, but definitely looked dirty. I hate dirty! The result is incredible - the floors look new! The second project was cleaning and resealing the marble floor in our ensuite shower; the tile was etched from incorrect use of cleaning product by a new housecleaner. Again, the result was better than we expected. The company is professional and we would definitely recommend them to anyone! Thanks!