Enviro Clean Knows - Clear Sealer vs Colour Sealer

What Difference Does Colour Make?

Clear Sealing Tips from Enviro Clean

Has your tile installer ever said, "Don't worry about sealing your grout with a clear sealer. The sealer will typically last for about twenty washes and then your seal fades away. It's a waste of time and money."? We hear this so often there must be some truth to this statement.

When you use a clear sealer, what you see is what you get. If your grout has dark areas and then light areas, you will still have the colour variation in your grout when you use a clear sealer.

If you want your grout to actually be "Stain Proof", you will need to have your grout colour sealed.

Clear sealers offer protection without changing the original colour, texture, feel or appearance of the surface. If you have deep set stains they will be visible with a clear sealer - a colour sealer will hide this blemish.

Colour Sealing Tips from Enviro Clean

There are many benefits to applying our colour sealer:



Clear grout sealing and colour sealing are services offered by Enviro Clean of Sherwood Park

The Difference is In the Colour

With a clear sealer what you see is what you get.

A colour seal transforms a floor from a stained tired looking floor to a "like new" floor. The colour seal will cost a few more dollars, but the dramatic appearance is worth the additional cost. No smell, no dust, no mess and most floors can be completed in one day.

Keep in mind that your grout can still get dirty, even if it is sealed with a quality grout sealer.


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"The ladies from Enviro Clean did a fantastic job bringing my ceramic tile back to life. It looks like new again!"

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