Grout Color Sealing To Correct Grout Color

If you have the wrong color of grout - Enviro Clean can change grout color!

Your renovation is complete, no tile, new wall paint and new facets and fixtures. Your so excited to see the new room. It has been weeks since you gave the go ahead to the contractor. The contractor gives you the go ahead to see your new space.

Everything looks fantastic except for the grout - its the wrong color and its blotchy. You show the contractor and he says" that's the way it should look, mam!" You are ready to scream at the top of your lungs - Just fix the color!!! But you don't scream, you give him that I don't believe look and decide you will figure out how to change the color yourself. 

You turn to google and type Grout Color Change Edmonton and to your surprise Enviro Clean Grout & Stone Care appears with the answer to your dilemma. You quickly make an appointment and your grout color transformation is complete.



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