A shower renovation would have cost thousands of dollars$$.

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Before you invest in a shower reno, call Enviro Clean Grout & Stone Care for a free consultation!

Shower soap scum, dirty grout black mold.....

Soap scum, dirty grout, black mold, oh, my! Bathroom shower tile can get all kinds of dirt, which also means you're not as clean as you think. Thankfully, there a local Company that can clean your shower in one day!

Enviro Clean Grout and Stone Care Inc. has been cleaning, sealing and restoring floors, counters and showers since 2007.

In the above photo, Sylvia, the homeowner, has lived in this home for 22 years, she has made countless attempts to clean her shower, spent a fortune on cleaning products and wanted to spend thousands on a bathroom reno because of her embarrassing shower. Money was not available for a bathroom/shower renovation.

Sylvia went on the internet and found Enviro Clean Grout & Stone Care, called me, Sue at 780-417-9080, and booked a free consolation.

Over the years three layers of caulking was built up. They didn't know they should remove the caulking. When it turned black they just put another layer on the caulking to hide the black mold. The shower base had layers of soap scum, hard water deposits and dirt. Sylvia tried everything to remove the buildup. She was really at her wits end!

I went over what was going to happen in my shower. I could tell she was very hopeful in what I was explaining.

In one day the shower was transformed! Sylvia came home to a "like new" shower. She was so happy with the results and the amount of money she saved.

If your shower needs some TLC and you don't have time to tackle it or you're at your wits end call the tile and grout cleaning professionals at Enviro Clean Grout & Stone Care Inc. 780-417-9080, info@mycleangrout.com or visit our website at www.mycleangrout.com


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