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My name is Sue Ostrowski I have had the pleasure of building a reputable company named Enviro Clean Grout & Stone Care Inc. I have spoken to hundreds of tile, stone and grout owners for years. The conclusion is the same Nasty Grout! Understanding how grout gets to a point of despair is an interesting dilemma, in my opinion. I have heard so many stories of grout cleaning creations, cleaning methods and weekends with a toothbrush. Either you purchased a home with nasty grout or your cleaning efforts have failed you. Not your fault either way! 

Enviro Clean incorporates to deal with the inconvenience of DIRTY GROUT!

Over time, spills, tracked-in dirt and even routine mopping cause contaminants and odors to penetrate down into the grout. This process of contamination is made worse by the fact that most grout lines are slightly lower than the tile surface. Thus, the grout lines act as miniature troughs that harbor mop water and contaminants. Eventually, this leads to a situation that renders the entire surface unsightly, unsanitary and ripe with foul odors. Furthermore, the fact that the impurities have penetrated the grout means that normal maintenance practices are no longer effective. The damage is done, now what?

As a ceramic, porcelain or natural stone owner, we are sold a bill of goods that simply isn’t true. We have had professionals tell us that tile and grout surfaces don’t need special attention, or we think when the floor is installed the grout surely must have been sealed! Some grout manufacturers will introduce the newest in grouts called modified. Great a grout that is impervious to stains and absorption, that normal mopping and scrubbing is all that is required.

Well, it isn’t long before we realize something is wrong with our grout, modified grout or not, and cleaning alone will not improve our grout’s appearance.

Years of everyday living will not change this floor back to white grout.

Sadly, all we have to do is look at a grouted floor, a neighbor's floor or the floor of a public washroom and we will see tile and grout surfaces with problems. And these problems invariably originate with the porosity of the grout. What’s more, even modified or “sealed” grout develops some degree of porosity over time. Plus, as a flooring owner, we become frustrated, purchasing harsher chemicals, scrubbing harder reducing the effectiveness of most sealers and breaking down the grout. We hate our floors, we can't understand why we have such a problem with grout!

So, Enviro Clean Grout & Stone Care was created to help with Nasty Grout. We have been cleaning ceramic, porcelain and natural stone floors since 2007. We have witnessed many trends in the industry from grout products to cleaning mop tools or methods. But grout continues to be NASTY! The latest mops, steam machines, soaps, and grouts are not the solution.

The solution is education on how to clean these surfaces! We as homeowners need to change our cleaning habits to help our floors.

How Can Enviro Clean Grout & Stone Care Help?

Enviro Clean Grout & Stone Care will help you get a fresh start on your floor. 


After we cleaned and color sealed the white grout.

Enviro Clean is would like to be part of your Nasty Grout solution.

Our mission: 

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Enviro Clean Grout & Stone Care Logo

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Enviro Clean is an Edmonton-based stone tile restoration company and grout sealing company.


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