An Enviro Clean grout, stone and tile expert gets serious about restoring the beauty of ceramic, limestone, granite, travertine and marble

Get Serious About Grout Sealing, Ceramic and Stone Care

Let's face it, most folks are not grout, tile and stone care professionals. When they see such high-end features in their home or office begin to appear stained or dirty, they grab whatever bottle is handy, which has the word "cleaner" somewhere on it, and hope the product, plus huge amounts of elbow grease, will make a difference in their appearance.

Uh oh! Is this bad?

The problem with this approach is household cleansers come in a myriad of formulas with a lot of different applications. Most people may not be cleaning experts but are still aware different cleaning jobs require different products. You wouldn't clean a mirror with a toilet cleanser or wash dishes with laundry soap. Every type of job needs a different type of product despite claims of being "multi-purpose". In fact, many of these "multi-purpose" cleansers actually work against you when cleaning ceramics, grout and stone because they can:

  • Leave a film on grout which will quickly attract dirt and waste your efforts with very short-term results,
  • Cause tiny scratches on your ceramic tile or stone surfaces which will dull their look,
  • Strip out grout sealer which will make it susceptible to staining and discoloration.

There Must Be a Better Way!

It is possible to achieve a deep, long-lasting clean if you use the correct products, however. Using only pH neutral cleansers designed specifically for grout, tile and stone can make all the difference. Granite may be as hard as a rock but to get the finish you want, a gentle cleanser is required.

Green Clean to the Rescue!

One such cleanser is called "Green Clean" which is an exclusive product offered by Edmonton-area grout, tile and stone maintenance experts, Enviro Clean. This unique product was designed expressly to solve the challenge these surfaces represent without leaving harmful deposits on your grout or marring the finish of the decorative material.

Seems complicated? Try a full-service option!

Getting grout, ceramic tile and other porous surfaces looking like new again can be challenging. Proper cleaning of ceramic and stone materials, and colour sealing grout, is time-consuming and requires a lot of work and know how. Fortunately Enviro Clean has teams of experts ready to tackle the toughest tile and grout challenges. Our experienced professionals are trained to make your grout, tile and stone features look new again at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

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