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Grout Color Sealing To Correct Grout Color

If you have the wrong color of grout - Enviro Clean can change grout color!

Your renovation is complete, no tile, new wall paint and new facets and fixtures. Your so excited to see the new room. It has been weeks since you gave the go ahead to the contractor. The contractor gives you the go ahead to see your new space. Everything ...

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Edmonton Shower Cleaning

Before you invest in a shower reno, call Enviro Clean Grout & Stone Care for a free consultation!

Shower soap scum, dirty grout black mold….. Soap scum, dirty grout, black mold, oh, my! Bathroom shower tile can get all kinds of dirt, which also means you're not as clean as you think. Thankfully, there a local Company that can clean your ...

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Get Serious About Grout Sealing, Ceramic and Stone Care

Let’s face it, most folks are not grout, tile and stone care professionals. When they see such high-end features in their home or office begin to appear stained or dirty, they grab whatever bottle is handy, which has the word “cleaner” ...

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